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[APRIL SKIN]定妝唇彩 (戀戀蜜桃)


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商品編碼 : APCM08-TP
重量 : 10g (0.02 lbs)
[爱普丽]APRIL SKIN定妆唇彩 (恋恋蜜桃
[AprilSkin] Fixing Tint (peach crush)

-制造商:APRIL SKIN爱普丽
-主要成分:柑橘皮精油, 山茶油, 假交替单胞菌发酵提取物


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7. viv...@outlook.com 17-05-20 19:31 Star2 qty

it doesnt look much like it does on the pictures when worn. its more of a hot pink with orange undertones rather then the soft pink thats shown. The color itself is okay but its beyond matte and looks weird, almost like you painted your lips with acrylic paint. On top of that its extremely dry! i read the reviews but thought 'i'll try it out'. Big mistake. Even though i moisturized my lips before applying this tint, it made no difference. I could only deal with it on for about 5 minutes before removing it. It felt horrible on my lips and i felt as if they stung a bit afterwards. The only good quality it had was that it didnt smudge. Would not recommend this.




6. ann...@aol.com 17-03-14 03:34 Star3 qty

It was too dry for my lips and it feels like wax on my lips. The color is okay. 

5. ber...@gmail.com 17-02-01 11:20 Star2 qty
It's dry after few second in my lips. Can't use since it doesn't looks natural in lips. And the color is different from what i expected.
4. Rem...@gmail.com 17-01-12 13:44 Star5 qty

This tint is amazing, it's more of a liquid lipstick so a very very tiny bit will go a very long way. These are also slightly hydrating too so if your lips are chapped, no problem, even though this dries extremely matte and slightly powdery it looks amazing on the lips and the color is a very unique natural shade. 

3. cfe...@gmail.com 16-11-30 12:15 Star4 qty
It definitely does not come off easy which i really like. But it is also very mattifying so it is not for someone with dry lips. If you are someone with dry lips though, try to exfoliate them and moisturize as much as possible before applying it. The color is also much darker and much louder than expected. I received it in the color peach crush which was advertised as a soft, sweet, pretty pink. It resembles more of an aggressive pink with red undertones. But other than that, very pretty color and it does stay on for long periods of time without touching up.