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Pore Remodeling Mask 毛孔清洁鼻膜,去黑头收缩毛孔

品牌名 : Yu-r
商品編碼 : YRC01-PRM
重量 : 30g (0.07 lbs)

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[Yu.r]Pore Remodeling Mask stick

-适合肤质: 任何肤质都可以用


洁面后擦干水分,涂上鼻膜等待20分钟左右,等鼻膜干透就行。确认鼻膜干透 小心撕下,就可以看到毛孔里面的皮脂。 注意 :一定要等完全干透,才能撕下来哦,大概是15-20分钟左右



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10. viv...@gmail.com 17-08-18 07:45 Star4 qty

A good product, but you have to wait quite a while, for it to dry completely, especially at the side of you nose, and is not very convenient, but definitely gets a lot of sebaceous filaments out of the pores. 01a01f6e8b301c5ed80b3bc27069b8bd_1503009 

9. wdb...@frontiernet.net 17-08-16 09:36 Star3 qty

It does remove blackheads, but its nothing spectacular. It took an incredibly long time, the first step took 15 minutes but the second step takes forever to dry, around an hour I'd say. It is not easy to apply either. Probably not a good idea for sensitive skin, as i was a bit irritating.

8. mel...@yahoo.com 17-05-24 05:50 Star5 qty

This is the best pore mask I've ever tried. Makes me wonder what have I done in my life with all of those useless pore pack (T o T). But let me tell you that this ain't for sensitive skin because it hurts quite bad during removal, but seeing all of those excessive sebaceous filament getting pulled out I'm all in for this product!

I don't know if this works for blackhead, however if you are looking for something to remove the excessive sebaceous filament in your nose or chin or forehead area, I recommend you to try this product.

The most important step is actually the 1st step because after 10 minutes application of the pore sheet, I could see all the filament is melted and come out a little bit to the skin surface (it might sounds weird and gross but this is really happened). I once tried to not use the pore sheet in my forehead before and nothing came out, so make sure to put the pore sheet in your desirable area to see the best result! And don't forget to treat the pores with Niacinamide serum/skincare product after using this mask to prevent the pores getting bigger :)

7. gen...@yahoo.com 17-05-20 13:08 Star3 qty
The packaging is quite cute. This product has quite creative way to treat your pore. However, i don't think it really works on me. Anyway, thank you stylekorean for keep me update on the status of my order, and thanks for the fast response.
6. eri...@yahoo.com 17-04-10 02:34 Star4 qty
Good product