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[Skinfood]花茶水凝膠面膜 甘菊


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品牌名 : Skinfood
商品編碼 : SFP19-Chamomile
重量 : 30g (0.07 lbs)
[Skinfood思亲肤]花茶水凝胶面膜 甘菊

-制造商: Skinfood思亲肤

和其他品牌不同的 是,思亲肤以最初食物制成的美食护肤主义为口号。
并在韩国电视剧get it beauty 介绍化妆品的广播中,顾客们对护手霜,
黑糖面膜,皇家蜂蜜水分面霜, 巧克力双头眉笔,唇颊两用恋爱鲜果盒等评价极佳

主要成分:烟酰胺、法国玫瑰花粉(1,500 ppm)、玫瑰提取物(1,000 ppm)、腺苷

1. 洁面后,使用爽肤水护理肌肤。取出面膜,以眼部和唇部为中心,
2. 20~40分钟后,撕下面膜并丢弃。再用手指轻轻按摩,使剩余的精华被肌肤完全吸收。


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6. kri...@gmail.com 17-08-17 17:23 Star4 qty

This mask is hydrating, however it did slip down a lot meaning you have to lay down in order to use witch is not always convenient. The gel also left a esedue on the skin if left on for more then the recommended time.

5. Red...@gmail.com 17-08-05 14:53 Star5 qty

Its very good so soothing and calmingcfda0b92a35573ea1fa906810a6acbc8_1501912 

4. Mic...@gmail.com 17-04-03 02:29 Star5 qty
Love the texture and feel on my skin
3. ahb...@gmail.com 17-04-01 17:22 Star5 qty

put this mask on when i was having a lot of stress with my schoolwork and the smell of the tea as i opened the packet made me relax a lot! there's flower pieces in the hydrogel mask and i honestly just loved this mask so much it soothed my skin and got me to calm down and focus on my schoolwork. afterwards my skin was super soft and silky! 

2. tur...@yahoo.com 17-02-26 10:59 Star4 qty

This mask also has a nice smell, but again, moves around a lot when you use it so be careful