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[Mizon] 檸檬碳酸補水保濕面霜


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[Mizon] Vita lemon sparkling cream 50ml

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品牌名 : Mizon
商品編碼 : MizonS03-C
重量 : 120g (0.26 lbs)
[Mizon谜之芬] 柠檬碳酸补水保湿面霜

韩国美妆节目 GET IT BEAUTY 出来的产品,
木瓜萃取物,芍药萃取物,黄连萃取物等多种成份。 具有净化皮肤,补水,保湿,
镇定舒缓肌肤,给皮肤提供营养和活力等多种功效 。




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4. cha...@hotmail.com 17-06-20 00:20 Star5 qty

I have been using this for about a month now and my skin is radiating and so luminous. I also love the how it makes my skin look firmer throughout the day. I have been using it during the day as it is lightweight and makes my skin look great all day long. However, if you are going to use this during the day, make sure to apply a good sun protector as the product does contain lemon and exposure to the sun may cause damage! 

3. Him...@yahoo.com 17-02-22 18:08 Star5 qty

When it comes to korean skincare, Mizon always comes to my mind. It is favourite korean skincare brand. It am using this now for 7 days at night before moisturizer . Just don't use in morning skincare routine as it contains lemon, which can lighten your skin tone but not in a good way. I can see much difference in my skin . Just buy this and try.You'll love it:)


2. sev...@hotmail.com 17-01-17 19:01 Star4 qty

I love this product very much.

the smell was very nice and it did moisterice my skin well. 

1. ras...@gmail.com 17-01-10 23:14 Star5 qty

mizon ia a trusted brand