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[APRIL SKIN] 速效亮彩着色护发乳 Matt Avocado


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商品編碼 : APHS31-HCRM
重量 : 150g (0.33 lbs)



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4. bel...@gmail.com 17-08-16 19:51 Star3 qty

The color that you get will not look at all like the green color you see on the model! That's what I thought I would get (or something close to it), but as said before, it looks more like an ashy brown color. I like the color though, but just beware if you are aiming for that green color :)

3. jun...@sina.com 17-06-05 23:39 Star5 qty

This is a permanent hair dye. it is different from the Turn-Up color treatment, which last for about 2 weeks. Just so you guys know before making a purchase, This is your normal hair dye, not the type of product that you can wash off in a couple of washes. 

2. shi...@hotmail.com 17-05-18 22:16 Star5 qty

nice and easy and it's great that it comes with the tool to apply the dye.

1. Mfl...@hotmail.com 17-08-08 02:31 Star3 qty
I was really a fan of the color on the box, so I was really excited to try it out... but I was pretty disappointed. It's very simple to use and not mention the combing tool it comes with is very handy, but we'll just say the color turned out to be more of an old browned avocado than matte. My hair was already prelightened to toned medium blonde, but after letting it sit, it turned more of an ashy brown than green. Overall, even though I didn't get the color I really wanted it didn't turn out bad, so I'm willing to try one of the other colors in the future.