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[Dear, Klairs] 維C 炸彈精華液 35ml


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商品編碼 : DklsS05-VitaD
重量 : 50g (0.11 lbs)
[Dear, Klairs] 維C 炸彈精華液 35ml

維C 炸彈精華液 35ml

- 安全,不会刺激你的皮肤
- 激发和振兴你的皮肤
- 适合所有年龄和皮肤类型







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7. nat...@yahoo.com 17-11-25 02:44 Star5 qty

​it works awesome on my skin. love this product so much as my morning and night skin care routine  


6. shi...@hotmail.com 17-08-14 15:46 Star4 qty

I think I forgot to use this when i bought it last time and the oil started to change color. so im giving it a second shot. I think its not as great as what the beauty guru raved about, but i can see why they like it :D maybe its just my acne scars being too stubborn? i dont know

5. cal...@yahoo.com.sg 17-08-07 02:24 Star5 qty
After using this product for about a week, my acne scars faded quite abit and it improved my skin texture. It also brightened my skin. Would repurchase.
4. mui...@yahoo.com 17-08-06 14:47 Star5 qty

it has certainty reduced my acne scars and loving how it has brighten up my skin. I use it at least 5 days a week every evening. 

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3. xin...@yahoo.com.sg 17-07-27 21:09 Star5 qty

it helps to reduce my acne scar very gooda7b909c06df121d0f589018d65eb3219_1501157