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[Natural Pacific] 清新綠茶籽精華 50ml


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品牌名 : Natural Pacific
商品編碼 : NPS14-S
重量 : 200g (0.44 lbs)




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1. sar...@gmail.com 17-08-10 05:54 Star5 qty

Skin type: dry/combo, acne prone, and slightly sensitive

So firstly, no scent, how great!! Secondly, I had my doubts about this product after the first two weeks showing no result, but by the time the third week rolled around you could see a slight difference, and now I've been using it for almost day and night for 4 weeks and there's a definite difference it makes on my skin. 


I have noticed that my acne isn't as frequent/non-existent! There hasn't been any super bad breakouts except for one in the beginning of using this, so it is helpful for blemishes. It's not sticky and I use a full pump on the face. When it comes out of the applicator it's like Aloe Vera but as soon as you start to smooth it on your face it becomes watery~ In regards to its claims, I do agree, it's calming because the redness in my skin has almost disappeared. It's not really hydrating for dry skin people, but if you have oily skin I can imagine it being moisturizing. And I guess it helps with elasticity and nutrition but personally there was no noticeable difference. And yes, I do feel like my skin is brighter after using it, however pigmentation isn't fading as fast as with other products. 


Hope this review was helpful^^ Overall, I will definitely will be purchasing it again. It's a very easy item to incorporate into your skincare, and definitely use it after you wash and before you tone (I do in the evenings only) because there's a slight difference in how well it works. p.s. my bottle is almost half-empty for reference to how fast it's used up.9801ddaa389d6fb47d15e1ab27d0fcef_1502311