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[Innisfree]空氣魔法粉撲 #Fitting


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品牌名 : Innisfree
商品編碼 : IFMA103-fitting
重量 : 30g (0.07 lbs)





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5. tia...@outlook.com 17-07-11 16:31 Star3 qty

its the first time i have this puff type~ of course its different from the blue puff i always got. the quality is good. overall not that bad.


4. bar...@hotmail.com 17-07-08 09:12 Star5 qty

i needed this





3. hap...@gmail.com 17-04-18 15:28 Star3 qty
juat like a normal puff. but i kind of like it. 
2. awa...@hotmail.com 17-02-16 07:59 Star3 qty
1. bri...@gmail.com 17-01-16 03:19 Star2 qty

Please don't buy this. It's the worst puff I've ever come across; it seemed promising when I first looked at it- it had a soft texture and a good thickness. However, it felt like cardboard on my face. It soaked up literally all of the product it touched. All of it. When I thought it couldn't suck up any more, it kept on sucking. I threw this in the trash and started my whole face over. The only reason this isn't getting one star is that I'm loyal to Innisfree.