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[3CE] 貝殼花朵氣墊粉底 #01 (Ivory Beige)


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品牌名 : 3CE
商品編碼 : 3CEM77-C001
重量 : 100g (0.22 lbs)



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1. e.g...@aol.com 17-08-15 05:35 Star4 qty

i don't wear makeup a lot, so this is really nice! i haven't worn it for a long time yet so i can't give a full review but it doesn't feel greasy at all and fits my super pale skin tone well! plus of course the packaging is the cutest ever ! i just wish it came with a refill... the coverage is pretty good, it's not going to cover every little flaw but it's still great! my only problem is you definitely have to moisturize dry patches well or it can look a little cakey, but other than that it's perfect!3f97bdc07c8ad56a9e95f3e9052b76f1_1502742