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[Pyunkang Yul]保濕套裝 (4個產品: 保濕精華乳 100ml + 精華爽膚水 200ml + 保濕霜 100ml + 精華油 26ml)


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品牌名 : 扁康 率Pyunkang Yul
商品編碼 : PYS01-PSet04
重量 : 990g (2.18 lbs)



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3. Cat...@gmail.com 17-07-26 16:42 Star4 qty

I mean, do I LOVE it? No.

But it's super worth it and they use very little chemical products. 

There's nothing I super love about it though. The toner is nice a thick, which is good for the seven step method. 

2. jag...@gmail.com 17-07-20 16:51 Star5 qty

very good product, i would buy this again.

1. ela...@gmail.com 17-07-18 14:39 Star5 qty

I purchased this set during the sale when it was $49, very great deal for these products. I have sensitive skin and so far these products haven't caused any irritations. This set arrived wrapped in a box wrapped in twine string and tissue paper, perfect for giving as a gift!55e8c1493e01f79e4aea956377df2211_1500356