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[Troiareuke] A+ 再生氣墊 13g


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品牌名 : Troiareuke
商品編碼 : TRAM01-Acushion
重量 : 40g (0.09 lbs)



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28. jun...@sina.com 17-08-18 04:44 Star5 qty

It is my absolutely favorite cushion foundation. It has high coverage, but is not caky. It is long lasting, compared to other cushion foundations I have tried. 


27. shi...@hotmail.com 17-08-14 15:47 Star4 qty

surprised by how little the product has.. its pretty expensive, not that impressive. But it doesnt breaks me out and i feel that i wear it at ease cause sometimes i need to dance with my foundation on. and this helps so much.

26. nah...@aol.com 17-08-06 16:45 Star3 qty

For the price, I'd say there are better options out there, especially since this doesn't come with a refill. I splurged on it because of all the great reviews, but it did not live up to my expectation. The color was grey and darker than I expected. The coverage was great, but it did not last all day (maybe 5 hours or less/ started creasing at the smile lines). Although it claims to be 99% skincare, I did not see any improvements to my skin. 

I would recommend this for someone who wants high coverage and needs a shade darker than what most brands offer. 

25. car...@gmail.com 17-07-31 23:40 Star5 qty

This is my holy grail cushion, I use it everyday, and it does not irritate 

24. han...@gmail.com 17-07-31 16:03 Star5 qty
Good cushion to try on. It match my skintone so well. But a bit expensive670e868a8f2d8b9a91681c83fe305e4a_1501484