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[Troiareuke] Seoul Cushion 13g


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NT$ 1,601
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48 PTS
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品牌名 : Troiareuke
商品編碼 : TRAM01-Seoul
重量 : 40g (0.09 lbs)



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5. gin...@gmail.com 17-08-02 21:41 Star4 qty

Goes on nicely and much better coverage than I was expecting. However seems to make my skin a bit ashy looking? I think I need to test it out a bit more.

4. Kpg...@hotmail.com 17-07-19 14:52 Star5 qty
This cushion just like the ac one has good coverage and doesn't break the skin out. With a nice lifting finish. I bought this for my mom and she loves it!
3. sup...@yahoo.com 17-07-05 14:33 Star5 qty
One of my favorite cushion! It's long wearing and has a great coverage. Not sticky at all which I love. The only downfall is it's too light for me so I always need a bronzer with it. 
2. yes...@gmail.com 17-06-29 13:35 Star4 qty
love the coverage and love troiareuke tag line which is 99%skincare and 1%make up maybe need a long periode of time so i can see the significant improvement of the lifting
1. kri...@gmail.com 17-06-17 07:20 Star4 qty

It has a nice coverage and staying power though I still don't see any difference in it's "anti-aging effects".