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[Troiareuke] T.O.C爽膚水 100ml


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積分 : 38 PTS
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品牌名 : Troiareuke
商品編碼 : TRAS02-T
重量 : 120g (0.26 lbs)



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4. Lis...@hotmail.com 17-08-18 03:50 Star5 qty

This tones had helped me a lot, I have used this together with the serum for about a month and my face is all cleared from acne. It's quite expensive but hey if it works it works. 

3. kri...@gmail.com 17-08-11 19:04 Star4 qty
I love how it does not sting your face but still helped you exfoliate your skin. It is not harsh on the skin. The only concern I have to say about this one is that it is very fragrant.
2. kri...@gmail.com 17-07-03 08:37 Star4 qty
It has a strong fragrant smell. I was so afraid that my skin will react to it but with my surprise it didn't. It's also a very gentle and more viscous than regular toner. It also calmed my cystic acne. So far I like it!
1. kar...@hotmail.com 17-06-29 09:11 Star5 qty

I absolutley love this toner! I suffer from rosacea and this toner calms it down. The texture is slightly thicker than a "normal" toner, to me it has more of a watery serum texture which I prefer as it does not run down your face. My skin soaks this in just a few seconds! I highly recommmend this toner!!