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[Skinfood]化妝海綿 (12pcs)


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品牌名 : Skinfood
商品編碼 : SFA-WedgePuff
重量 : 130g (0.29 lbs)



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17. par...@gmail.com 17-08-17 07:04 Star5 qty

This puff is so affordable and great quality

It seems to have the foundation that you use turn a little more matte which is great during summer.

You can also use a mist with this during the winter

You can come see me use these products here!





16. mei...@hotmail.com 17-07-22 19:48 Star5 qty

Best puff I ever used! Won't absorb a lot of makeup but get its work done.  Good price point too!

15. sth...@gmail.com 17-07-01 22:22 Star5 qty
I bought it mainly because of pony and edward Avila and I do like it. It spreads product evenly and is squishy.
14. bub...@hotmail.com 17-06-20 17:11 Star5 qty
Soft sponge!
13. zhe...@gmail.com 17-06-20 09:42 Star5 qty

perfect for those who sometimes don't feel like washing their beauty blenders, very soft, helps apply my face makeup easier, much more affordable than the original beauty blender