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[Etude house] 小甜心透嫩唇蜜 #RD307


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品牌名 : Etude House
商品編碼 : ECM04-RD307R
重量 : 30g (0.07 lbs)




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3. cou...@gmail.com 17-08-13 19:27 Star3 qty
This is just the cutest lip tint. The colour is very pretty and natural looking and it tastes and smells great. It is not long wearing and disappears as soon as you eat but otherwise fades to a pretty colour. The applicator doesnt apply very even so find it is best to blend with my finger
2. sup...@yahoo.com 17-08-02 16:07 Star3 qty
Cute packaging but that was it. I don't think it was bad. I guess it was just okay. Sticky and kinda blotchy. It didn't cover up some of the area on my lips. Smells delicious though. It didn't last long and I dont think it stained my lips.
1. nuc...@rocketmail.com 17-08-09 08:35 Star4 qty

Smells insanely good! But it doesnt stay on as long as I hoped it would.