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[The Face Shop]鼠尾草籽防敏爽膚水145ml


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品牌名 : The Face Shop
商品編碼 : FS78-T
重量 : 360g (0.79 lbs)
Chia Seed Watery Toner  

菲诗小铺 鼠尾草籽防敏爽肤水 (145ml)

- 关键词:防敏 保湿 滋润  适合缺水,敏感性肌肤

- 原产地:韩国

- 制造商:菲诗小铺

- 产品介绍;




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8. mar...@gmail.com 17-03-24 23:45 Star4 qty

Thanks for good shipping and fast respon.

7. 113...@gmail.com 17-03-14 23:37 Star5 qty

First tried this toner as a sample and I absolutely loves it. Chia seed has the ability to hold water up to 7x its weight and this toner is so hydrating. It's super comfortable and lightweight. I like to either apply as is or with a cotton pad. I recommend this for the 7 skin method!

6. gal...@gmail.com 17-02-08 00:47 Star4 qty

its very nice to the skin. I like it

5. azn...@gmail.com 17-01-18 13:56 Star5 qty

It's not too liquidy or sticky. It's a nice medium. I love that it's lightweight 

4. obv...@gmail.com 17-01-15 17:50 Star4 qty
This toner is extremely lightweight making it perfect for those with oily skin that don't want a product weighing their face down. This also makes a great toner for those, like myself, who have dry skin because it's a great layering product. There is a pretty strong smell but it does fade after you pat it in and it absorbs. Great toner for beginners, especially!