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[banila co]芭妮兰 防嗮遮瑕CC霜30ml


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品牌名 : Banila Co
商品編碼 : BM01-CC
重量 : 60g (0.13 lbs)
巴妮兰防嗮遮瑕CC霜 30ml
Banila co It Radiant CC cream

-制造商:彩虹 RAINBOW
-适合肤质: 任何肤质
- 产品介绍:巴妮兰防嗮遮瑕CC霜,是韩国品牌第一支出的CC霜,有美白,保湿调色及SPF30A++的功效。
透薄自然,质地细致, 可有效的修饰毛孔和细纹。
有效的防嗮指数 SPF30PA++ 有效的阻挡日常的紫外线的照射,透明亮肌另肌肤白皙而又光泽。



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5. lsw...@hotmail.se 17-01-26 23:58 Star4 qty
Its really nice. Easy to blend. I have really light skin tone so this works perfect for my skin. It gives a medium coverage. I use this underneith my cushion
4. fra...@yahoo.com 16-11-07 19:38 Star5 qty

this is the best cc cream ive used~! its makes your skin brighter and even out your makeup application

3. sur...@gmail.com 16-10-16 02:43 Star5 qty

I really love it, and it controls the oil on my skin well, makeup sets better

2. car...@yahoo.com 16-07-13 00:16 Star5 qty

For an inexpensive CC cream, this is great.  It doesn't provide a lot of coverage but it does give your skin a nice brightening look.  It doesn't make you look like a ghost, though.  I do wish it had a higher SPF rather than 30, but it's great for a quick brightening of your skin. 

1. cat...@ericyang.com 15-11-22 00:32 Star4 qty

This CC Cream exceeded my expectations! My only gripe is that it was a bit of a smaller tube than I expected, compared to my old Nature Republic CC Cream. But I'm obsessed -- I used it for the first time yesterday, and it worked very well!