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[WHOO]拱辰享雪亮啫喱 100ml


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The History of Whoo更多宝贝


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品牌名 : The History of Whoo
商品編碼 : WHOC03-Gel
重量 : 160g (0.35 lbs)

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[The History of Whoo] Brightening Gel 

[后] 拱辰享雪亮啫喱 (100ml)

- 关键词:有效的去除肌肤的暗沉,并能够并为肌肤增加营养

- 原产地: 韩国

- 制造商:LG 生活健康

- 主要成分:七香 , 八白散, 甘菊提取物,雪甘散

- 产品介绍:


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7. moh...@163.com 17-02-11 05:07 Star5 qty
I bought it as a cleanser from the brightening skin set. And I finds out is not cleanser at all, but a Exfoliating scrub. Amazing effect!!! I use it after I clean my face (dry your face first! It won't work well if your face is too wet!) and you will scrub out a lot of dead skin without feeling any ache! After you clean your face, your skin will be so smooth and silky. Is the perfect Exfoliating scrub I've ever used!
6. ari...@gmail.com 17-02-03 18:16 Star3 qty

it is a normal peeling gel

5. Kat...@yahoo.com 17-01-31 04:01 Star3 qty
The price is good for the brand. I wouldn't buy this exfoliator at original price because I couldn't tell much of a difference between this with any other affordable brand. It does it job well by removing the dead skin, but just like any other affordable line.... not so sure about the brightening effect
4. olg...@yahoo.com 17-01-26 02:00 Star5 qty

An old-school gommage exfoliator. Great for the current sale price. Luxurious quality is consistent with other History of Whoo products I tried so far. 

3. ple...@gmail.com 17-01-12 01:59 Star3 qty

it is like the wile peeling gel from innisfree but the innisfree one is way cheaper