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[Tonymoly] 雞蛋蛋黃嫩白鼻貼 (7ea)


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品牌名 : Tonymoly
商品編碼 : TM01-PaceNose7ea
重量 : 999g (2.2 lbs)
[Tonymoly] Egg pore nose pack [魔法森林] 鸡蛋蛋黄嫩白鼻贴 (7ea) - 原产地:韩国 - 制造商:魔法森林 - 产品介绍: 高效的吸附在肌肤的鼻子部位,蛋清中含有的润滑因子,肌肤变得像煮熟的鸡蛋一般光滑。 - 使用方法: 洁面后,取出一张本品光滑的一面按照鼻子的模样贴附在鼻头处,约 10-15分钟后,待贴膜的水分完全被吸收后,取下鼻贴。每周大约1到2次左右,请不要在同一部位贴附2次以上。


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10. zam...@hotmail.com 17-07-14 02:36 Star3 qty

To me, all nose strips are generally the same, the difference is whether or not the product is effective. The smell is still acceptable.3866b2eea947ffaddd900982cf865b5c_1499967

9. mic...@yahoo.com 17-07-11 04:45 Star4 qty

I really love these strips!  They dry kind of soft but still manage to get a good bit out of my nose!  They smell kind of weird, but that's fine.  I pair these with the egg pore steam balm and it works wonders.  They grip pretty well.  9/10 would so recommend! :) 

8. san...@yahoo.com 17-04-15 08:53 Star4 qty
Pretty good product. Made a mistake of not waiting till it's all dried up completely. So when I took if off, there were still some glue left on my nose.
7. emi...@gmail.com 17-03-22 05:39 Star4 qty

It works well for its price. It was only able to get some blackheads out 

6. fra...@yahoo.com 16-12-18 01:37 Star5 qty

its an ok product for the price