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[PETITFEE]黃金EGF凝膠眼貼 60ea


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品牌名 : Petitfee
商品編碼 : PETIP02-PremiumI
重量 : 170g (0.37 lbs)
[Petitfee] Premium GOLD&EGF Eye Patch

[璞帝妃]黄金EGF凝胶眼贴 60ea

- 关键词:含有对皮肤有紧密效果的高浓缩精华成份,并使皮肤自身凝结从而给角质细胞丰富的水分

- 原产地:韩国

- 产品介绍:

采用高分子新技术开发的PETITFEE 98%水凝胶精华眼贴含有对皮肤有紧密效果的高浓缩精华成份,并使皮肤自身凝结从而给角质细胞丰富的水分。即刻赋予皮肤紧密感和弹力效果,自然分解与环境相配的有用性眼膜。可使皮肤吸收充分的精华成份,随时间的变化会变薄的凝胶眼贴。

EGF表皮生长因子能够促进细胞的增殖分化,从而以新生的细胞代替衰老和死亡的。EGF面膜 最大的功效就是针对皮肤受损可以快速修复皮肤表皮层,增加皮肤亮度,改善皮肤暗沉和细纹。

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53. wai...@gmail.com 17-08-18 03:34 Star3 qty

Works as well as any run-of-the-mill eye patch, nothing special but not bad either. The patch itself is very pretty looking with the gold flecks in it, that is a plus

52. tra...@gmail.com 17-07-25 23:42 Star5 qty

love this, highly recommended it

51. eme...@gmail.com 17-07-24 23:19 Star4 qty

the spatula that came with it was very convenient and i love the quality of the packaging. the eye patches smells very nice and is very slippery. after use your skin will feel tightened. i have heard that u can also use it on wrinkles but i havent tried it myself. the overall shape of the patches would most likely not fit your eye shape so you  might have some of the corners sticking up. sometimes the patches tend to slip if you place the patch on the second time. when i have the patches under the eyes i try not to look down because i have to somehow manage to fit my eyeshape, but aside from that, everything else is fine.

50. sin...@gmail.com 17-07-03 21:36 Star5 qty

Love it


49. tra...@gmail.com 17-06-27 14:01 Star3 qty
Beautiful gold color and a luxurious product to use, but disappointed to find mineral oil on the ingredients list.