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品牌名 : Innisfree
商品編碼 : IFS01-Tbalancing
重量 : 200g (0.44 lbs)
[悦诗风吟]Innisfree 悦诗风吟绿茶平衡爽肤水 200ml
Innisfree green tea balancing skin 200ml

- 关键词:[悦诗风吟] 绿茶平衡爽肤水​,绿茶成分富含抵御有害环境,保湿肌肤,抗氧化的效果。 -适合肤质: 任何肤质
- 产品介绍:如滴滴水珠破裂般的水分爽肤乳。如水珠破裂般的手感,柔和清爽易吸收。



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16. rub...@live.com 17-08-02 14:19 Star5 qty

I was surprised at the consistency of this toner. It felt more like an essence/emulsion. But I love how this makes my combination-oily skin moisturized without the greasy feel. I sometimes skip the moisturizer when apply 4 layers of this on my face (7 layers is too much for me). I love the scent as well! 

15. emi...@gmail.com 17-07-02 00:06 Star5 qty

This toner is so velvety and very soft on the skin, unlike other toners that are harsh on the skin and suck out all the moisture from the skin, this toner is not harsh and leaves the skin feeling supple. It smells really nice with Innisfree's signature green tea scent and mixed consistency between a water toner and very light cream. I use it twice a day for my morning and nighttime skin regimen. Also, the price on StyleKorea is much cheaper than other websites and from Innisfree. 




14. emi...@gmail.com 17-06-18 07:51 Star5 qty

This product works amazingly for every day use and is super easy to use.


13. kle...@hotmail.com 17-05-10 00:39 Star4 qty

A nice smell and it feel good to the skin

12. Kat...@gmail.com 17-05-07 12:55 Star4 qty
The texture of this toner is thick enough (lighter than serum but thicker than regular toner) is suitable for 7 Skin Method.