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[Etude House]Moistfull collagen perming eye cream


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品牌名 : Etude House
商品編碼 : ES01-Ire
重量 : 999g (2.2 lbs)


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9. a.c...@gmail.com 17-03-10 22:40 Star3 qty

But does not reduce the appearance of my fine lines and dark circles. 

8. egb...@gmail.com 17-03-10 18:45 Star5 qty

Ver very hydrating!Like butter for your eyes!

7. tif...@outlook.com 17-02-13 01:14 Star5 qty
I love this product. I can see a difference. Love it !
6. San...@gmail.com 17-01-31 23:53 Star5 qty
Thick and very moisturizing
5. mor...@gmail.com 17-01-23 04:37 Star4 qty
This eye cream is very rich and moisturizing, but not too heavy. I haven't noticed much improvement in my dark circles or fine lines but if you're just looking for a simple inexpensive eye cream this one is pretty nice.