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[菲诗小铺The Face Shop]速洁毛孔乳液130ml


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品牌名 : The Face Shop
商品編碼 : FS42-E
重量 : 330g (0.73 lbs)

[菲诗小铺] 速洁毛孔乳液130ml

[The face shop] Clean face mild Emulsion 130ml

- 关键词:[菲诗小铺速洁毛孔乳液

- 原产地:韩国

- 制造商:菲诗小铺

- 主要成分:甘草、绿茶、柠檬等

- 产品介绍:

The Face Shop洁毛孔系列针对豆豆皮肤纯正天然配方让粗糙的毛孔收缩变小达到真正的毛孔收缩功能。不含有其他添加.快速洁净,控制油份补充充足水。同时清洁毛空层污,快速改善毛孔扩张。最适合怕油痘皮 专业收毛孔,面同层清洁针对粗大的毛孔有神奇的效果,天然植物成分,绝对不含酒精。天然植物萃取精,能有效地行皮脂管理,抑制油脂的多分泌并补充水,促毛孔收胞新,快速改善毛孔扩张含有爽性凉的植物萃取物,如甘草、绿茶、柠檬等,性质温和,无油无刺激性,爽自然的体。不含有其他添加.

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1. ton...@gmail.com 16-09-13 20:47 Star4 qty
my skin is prone to acne and bad breakouts and bought this thinking it might help. i've been using it for more than 2 weeks now (along with its partner facial wash) and it's not that bad. it didnt irritate my skin, it helped with the severe drying/flaky skin im getting due to my acne cream im using. i also like the mild minty(?) smell (im not good at describing smell) and its gentle on my skin. the only major problem i have is that its in a freaking bottle. it doesnt come with a pump which im sure would be much 100% better. so if i can just imagine my self when its nearly finish i'd be like struggling to empty it or use the remaining stuff. (it would probably be like using ketchup where i have to repeatedly shake it and hit the bottom up side down i can get the last drop :D FWP) haha