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[Innisfree] Skinny Volume Cara


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A mascara that curls up hidden eyelashes and makes the eyes look beautiful and natural

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品牌名 : Innisfree
商品編碼 : IFCM-jjangjjangcara
重量 : 40g (0.09 lbs)
Innisfree skinny microcara is a mascara that curls up hidden eyelashes and makes the eyes look beautiful and natural​. It has 2.5mm-diameter brush that curls up each and every hidden eyelashes.​ Also airlight powder, and fiber ingredients express long lashes. ​Double coating system for stronger waterproof effect. Skinny microcara is wash-off type for easy cleansing with warm water​. It contains various plants extracts that protects sensitive eye area. ​
Suggested Use
1. Forcefully move in a zigzag as if pressing from the roots of eyelashes, curling up as you apply.
2. Erect the brush to thoroughly apply it to short lashes at the front and back.
3. You can create bigger and clearer eyes if you apply thoroughly it to the lashes under the eyes.


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4. ang...@gmail.com 17-08-05 07:00 Star5 qty

I think this mascara is even better than the skinny one because it gives fuller lashes. It stays on pretty well and hard to remove without a good makeup remover. If you have oily lids, the product does smudge on your lower lash line after a couple hours. 

3. gal...@mail.ru 17-07-19 17:41 Star5 qty

Excellent mascara. The form of well-groomed and non-overloaded eyelashes is provided. Does not crumble or stain. Eyelashes are divided. Not glued together. Packaging is small, comfortable. My love.

2. ole...@mail.ru 17-01-15 02:03 Star5 qty

A great everyday mascara: it doesn't smudge, doesn't give me those infamous "panda eyes", lenghtens and separates my eyelashes very well. 

1. ste...@gmail.com 16-11-17 17:57 Star5 qty

really makes my eyes look natural and beautiful