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[Peripera] Peri's Ink The Velvet #6 (Celeb Deep Rose)


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品牌名 : Peripera
商品編碼 : PeriPCM13-TV06
重量 : 30g (0.07 lbs)
Peripera No.2 Tint! Peri's Ink the Velvet
1. Thanks to its creamy texture, you can wear gradation lip make-up.
2. It makes your lips look silky and smooth without dead skin cell.
3. Highly pigmented, long-lasting Ink Velvet. Its hydrating formula keeps the lips looking plump for up to 6 hours, so you don't have to worry about constantly checking in the mirror for touch-ups throughout the day.

Suggested Use
1. Dab a small amount of the Peri's Ink the Velvet in the center of your bottom lip using the applicator.
2. Gently press your lips together for color to adhere on the top lip.
3. Use a cotton swab to gently blend the edges.
Active Ingredients
Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Organic Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Arnica Extract, etc.



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54. Emm...@gmail.com 17-08-15 20:54 Star5 qty

good pigmentation and stain power it lasts all throughout the day and possibly the next day too

53. cad...@outlook.com 17-08-02 09:10 Star5 qty

Really pigmented and long last.db9031cf711ee040527cf88cc2ac52fa_1501632 

52. mia...@gmail.com 17-08-01 17:49 Star5 qty

Favourite Colour and Formula lip stain. Very pigmented mouse like texture that even out the surface of the lips, give a beautiful mat colour and even stain, very light weight and comfortable to wear. Fruity scent and doesn't taste bad which is a plus. The applicator on this one is the same as the Airy which is great to apply precisely. (First one in image below)9db1e7829293746c6dffb36ba1fe526e_1501577

51. nar...@yahoo.com 17-07-30 21:11 Star5 qty
50. pop...@hotmail.com 17-07-29 20:57 Star5 qty

A must have, smoots the lips nicely, transferrs a little but ok