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[Peripera] Peri's Ink The Velvet #14 (Beauty Peak Rose)


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品牌名 : Peripera
商品編碼 : PeriPCM13-TV14
重量 : 30g (0.07 lbs)
1. High color payoff for both fuller-looking & gradient lips
2. A velvet-smooth texture for soft, flake-free lips
3. Intense color with lasting power

Suggested Use
Use right amount to apply from center to outward of the lips.


  • 評價 (35)


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35. a.c...@gmail.com 17-08-13 21:10 Star4 qty

glides on very smoothly and nice color too but now i like the texture of air velvet one more. 53196657c0dde30b72b53c4a32cde342_1502626 

34. a.t...@gmail.com 17-07-28 07:35 Star5 qty

I love this soooo much!!! The color is amazing and so flattering, and ti feels amazing on the lips. It does not dry at all, and is actually kind of moisturizing! It has great color, great formula, great smell, and is my favorite color from the Peripera Ink the Velvet!! I'm going to definitely buy it again!!



33. mdo...@gmail.com 17-07-18 07:16 Star3 qty

I think this lip tint it's normal. I haven't noticed that it last longer than others. One thing to be consider is that at first when you apply it the color is very orange and after it oxides a bit it turns into a nice shade of pink.

I like the velvety finish that it leaves on your lips but besides that I don't think it's anything super special.


32. tha...@gmail.com 17-07-18 02:14 Star5 qty
I bought this one with color #14. It make my lip look very natural and has good smell. I will buy again and recommend to my friend.
31. cha...@yahoo.com 17-07-09 10:12 Star5 qty

I love this color! I also really like the formula of this lip tint. It's not drying and it smooths out your lips. It is more creamy when you first put it on so it's not 100% transfer proof at first but the stain it leaves lasts forever. Personally I don't even bother reapplying after because the stain color is so nice.