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[Pyunkang Yul] 扁康率 精華爽膚水 200ml


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品牌名 : 扁康 率Pyunkang Yul
商品編碼 : PYS01-EssenceT
重量 : 180g (0.4 lbs)
[Pyunkang Yul] 扁康率 精華爽膚水 200ml
[Pyunkang Yul] Essence Toner 200ml






Milk Vetch Root Extract




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30. wen...@gmail.com 17-08-16 03:48 Star5 qty

The best essence type toner I have used. Can be used well to do the 7 skin trendebee4724251f87604588723d765c88ef_1502822 

29. tha...@gmail.com 17-08-06 02:41 Star5 qty
This toner is a great moisturizing toner for me. I have combination skin with dryness mainly on my nose. I have been using this every since I've received it and it's doing wonders to my dry area! I love how the consistency feels like a lightweight serum and absorbed into my skin super fast! Four drops of this toner in my palm and directly massage it on my face was enough for entire face and to keep my skin moisturized. This toner will probably last you for a while!
28. bla...@gmail.com 17-08-04 17:07 Star5 qty
I have bumpy, oily and acne prone skin that is just a red mess but this stuff does such a great job at calming it down and smoothing its surface. Fabulous product, going to buy again. In terms of shipping it will take a while but it is well worth the wait! It just means you have to do a big haul so you can last a couple of months inbetween orders ;)
27. Che...@yahoo.com 17-08-02 15:38 Star3 qty
It leaves my skin feel a bit tacky but I'm okay with it since I have dry skin and there are other products come in afterwards so it shouldnt be a problem. Feels quite moisturizing, other than that, I have not used it enough to tell if it does anything better for my skin
26. mia...@gmail.com 17-08-01 23:37 Star5 qty

This toner do not irritate my super sensitive skin. Great to layer. It boost my skin hydration. Besides the day and night routines, I prefer to use this essence anytime during the day when I feel like to refresh more than the mist toner. LOVE LOVE LOVE