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[CORINGCO] Black in Pink 9P Set


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品牌名 : Coringco
商品編碼 : COCMA09-9P
重量 : 300g (0.66 lbs)
Exclusive Black handle contour brush set.
Black in pink Brush Set features 9 brushes designed to set and highlight the face for a perfected-skin finish.
Each tool was designed with a specific use in mind.
Black case is perfect for home or on to go.

Product constituents
1) Powder brush
2) Blush brush
3) Foundation brush
4) Eye Shadow brush medium
5) Eye Shadow brush small
6) Concealer brush
7)Eyeliner brush
8) Eangled liner brush
9) Lip brush



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hand mirror beauty tool brush oil control film foundation brush Eyelash curler pouch


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1. jos...@gmail.com 17-06-11 19:09 Star5 qty
The brushes are really soft but it will be better if the colour is not pink