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[Innisfree]濟州島火山七彩泥面膜 #光彩


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品牌名 : Innisfree
商品編碼 : IFP04-CCB
重量 : 70g (0.15 lbs)



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2. 19l...@gmail.com 17-08-13 03:23 Star3 qty

Maybe this applies to most brightening products on the market, but after using this clay mask for a few weeks it seems like it would work only for people who have fair/light skin. Innisfree is a great company thoughI highly recommend itso I still look forward to trying their other clay masks

1. fri...@gmail.com 17-07-31 00:43 Star3 qty

I purchased this as I saw it on Produce 101 Season 2 and was curious with the product and since I love Innisfree. However, I have been using them twice already but haven't seen any results yet. I will still try to use them though because it might work later but I'm disappointed with the product as of the moment :(abbb55e3c1499b5b9ebb3a5b22c6f152_1501429