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[Missha] 斯黛尔卷翘睫毛膏 #浓密3D


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品牌名 : MISSHA
商品編碼 : MM31-K3d
重量 : 17g (0.04 lbs)



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12. ang...@gmail.com 17-08-05 06:50 Star2 qty
This mascara applies well and makes your lashes look fuller, but its hard to manage. It comes off easily when you rub your eye, and sometimes just comes off after a couple hours. I've used the products a couple times and noticed that the product gets into my eyes after it wears off.
11. zla...@yahoo.com 17-08-02 09:20 Star4 qty

my New favorite for well defined lashesfc48238fcdfc5d4a9c3da42969086c45_1501633

10. des...@gmail.com 17-07-03 19:02 Star5 qty

I can not move on from this mascara, very thick and worth to buy.

9. ane...@gmail.com 17-05-27 10:46 Star4 qty
Good mascara
8. eye...@gmail.com 17-04-25 22:05 Star5 qty

This mascara is a gem. It is so lengthening and it doesn't clump! It also smudge proof and ultra longwearing. Definitely my fave mascara.