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[ SU:M37˚]呼吸美白泡泡麵膜


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品牌名 : SU:M 37˚
商品編碼 : SUMC03-BrightMask
重量 : 140g (0.31 lbs)
su:m37˚ White Award Bubble-De Mask



洁面后,按压容器, 避开眼周围肌肤,将面膜以2MM左右的厚度均匀抹于面部,15-20分钟后用温水洗净。


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5. ngn...@gmail.com 17-06-01 12:36 Star4 qty

I love the feeling this mask gives you. It bubbles on your skin and makes your skin feel clean. I cannot say whether it really purifies or whitens tho....

4. awa...@hotmail.com 17-04-03 23:03 Star5 qty
3. mei...@hotmail.com 17-03-11 22:50 Star5 qty

So gentle and still detox the skin very well! The bubbles foaming so well on top of your skin! I love to lay down and listen to those bubbles "singing!! super relaxing!  It does brighten up your skin after washing it off! No wonder Jen from meejmuse recommends it!

2. ana...@gmail.com 17-02-05 18:10 Star5 qty

SUM:37 products are among my favourites; indeed, this product was one of the first Korean skin care products I discovered, and remains to be one of my all-time-favourites. In the past three years I've bought over five bottles, and run to this foaming mask-cleanser at least once, often twice a week. 


This product is almost like the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Yet, it is more refined, calming, and gentle on the skin. The product goes onto the skin in a gel-like consistency, very thin and easy to apply in a thin and even layer across the face. Moreover, the bubbles foam up enough that they clean and brighten the skin without stripping your face from moisture. 


Every time I use this I feel like my skin is clear and clean, yet also moisturised and plump. Quickly follow this step with a toner and moisturiser, and your skin will reflect vibrancy and brightness. Will buy this product over and over again. Everything about this product is a winner - cannot go wrong!

1. Lil...@gmail.com 17-02-04 23:06 Star5 qty
This mask makes my face looks very good