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[The Face Shop]大米亮白洁面霜200ml


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品牌名 : The Face Shop
商品編碼 : FC22-R
重量 : 270g (0.6 lbs)
Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream 

 [菲诗小铺] 大米亮白洁面霜(200ml)

-关键词: 清爽温和,美白保湿,深层清洁








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4. nab...@gmail.com 17-05-17 00:55 Star4 qty

It is really clean your face much better than the milk cleansing! 

3. vit...@gmail.com 17-05-03 11:48 Star5 qty
Brightening and makes your skin so smooth
2. vit...@gmail.com 17-01-27 14:59 Star5 qty
Makes your face more softer and brighter
1. yuu...@gmail.com 16-08-23 09:01 Star5 qty

I did not expect much from this cleansing cream since it is about half the price of Banila Co. and Heimish cleansing balms, but it seems The Face Shop never disappoints me!


Consistency is like a moisturizer/emulsion rather than a balm. I used a pea sized amount of this cleansing cream after testing all of the cosmetics I purchased in the same order (about 10 products), and it got rid of it all in one go. Did not have to massage it in for very long at all. Took a little bit longer on Too Cool for School's Highline, but that stuff is supposed to be waterproof. No irritation at all. Been using the light cleansing oil, but now I will use this since it's better for travel. Wish it came with a spatula though.... You have to get one separately.


Definitely recommended for anyone on a budget.