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品牌名 : Elizavecca
商品編碼 : SESALOP02-Bubblemask
重量 : 150g (0.33 lbs)
Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask (50ml)

伊丽莎白​ 小黑猪碳酸氧气泡泡面膜木炭粉和泥浆能够很干净的清理皮肤。同时粘土和木炭粉能够很好地除去彩妆并能够收紧毛孔。

尤其在春夏交替之季皮肤油脂分泌越来越多,毛孔更容易粗大,油脂的过多分泌容易产生痘痘 闭口粉刺等肌肤问题。
缺水也是导致皮肤干燥毛孔粗大的原因之一, 这款面膜刚好满足了这些要求。

1. 洁面或不洁面均可,挤出适量泡泡面膜到手心,涂到整个脸部。
2. 3-5分钟以后,膏体逐渐变成浓密泡沫,用手按摩大约1分钟。
3. 用少量清水画圈按摩。
4. 最后用适量清水冲洗干净。



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92. vy....@gmail.com 17-08-18 10:00 Star3 qty

It has light smell which I like. The bubble will appear 5 min after applying. The texture is quite sticky and quite difficult to wash off. But my skin feels smooth after.3d414a94913857881dbd711249ce6dcf_1503017 

91. cou...@outlook.com 17-08-16 04:57 Star4 qty

Skin type: combination-oily, acne prone, large pores


4.5 stars.


It foams up, as described. I noticed it works better when your skin is a little "dirty", the first time I used it it didn't make a lot of foam, the second time it made a lot- the only difference was that the first time I had cleaned up my face first, and the second time I didn't.

Washing it off is really difficult; it turns into soap, and it takes ages to remove it from your skin (I think I had leftover soap on my skin afterward the second time around), so keep that in mind when you use it: make sure you'll have time to rinse it off, maybe take a shower afterward.

As for how it worked on my skin, I have to say I'm really happy with the results. I noticed my pores are a little tighter after 2 uses (3 days apart).

The first picture was taken the first time (clean face), the second the second time around (with a dirty face) You can see the difference with the foam.b595d621ab55e41b7e9ffe8a8902519d_1502827

90. ang...@gmail.com 17-08-05 06:52 Star4 qty
This product is over-hyped. It is fun the first time, but a pain to wash off. I do feel that my face feels tighter and cleaner after using it. It does not feel too harsh on the skin despite the bubbling and is pretty refreshing to use.
89. Jan...@gmail.com 17-08-02 09:33 Star5 qty
Love the smell of this mask after using it the skin feels brighter and so refreshing
88. par...@gmail.com 17-08-01 12:44 Star5 qty
The mask smells very good and it adds a different taste because of the unique bubbling effect. 54b83405766e6450a376b828624cfaee_1501559